Community Rules

Be Polite when communicating with each other.
There is no reason to use all “Caps”.
Respect goes both ways.
No cursing or using flow language.
Any misuse of the messaging system will result in suspension of your account.

Describe the item accurately, point out any issues or damage.
Upload as many images as possible, a picture tells a thousand words.
Try to take good quality images.
Images should be of the item only not displayed with other items.
Research pricing and list the item for a fair price.
Answer questions in a timely and polite manner.
When make an offer is used if you do not want to accept the offer make a counter offer.

When considering purchasing an item read the description thoroughly, look closely at all images and do not be afraid to ask questions. Do all this prior to purchasing.
If making an offer on an item do not low ball make a fair offer. Low balling offends the seller and will hurt your chances of working out a deal.
Once you decide to purchase pay promptly and make sure your shipping information is correct.
Once you receive the item, inspect it and if it is as described leave the seller feedback.
If there is an issue contact the seller and be courteous when explaining the issues.
Most issues are easily resolved between the buyer and seller as long as both party’s
remain civil. If an issue can not be resolved then you can contact GITTRS to mediate.