Antelope Edge Duo Dual-membrane Condenser Microphone w/ vintage mic emulation

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Antelope Edge DuoWe have a great relationship with Antelope and their products will be shipped directly from the manufacturer! Please allow 4-6 days for shipping!

Edge Duo Modeling Mic

Dual-membrane condenser microphone for authentic multi-pattern vintage mic emulation

The ultimate microphone to complete your mic locker
?his high-quality dual-capsule large-diaphragm condenser microphone captures vocals
and instruments with pristine clarity, depth and detail, making it the perfect starting point
for emulating a plethora of timeless studio microphones.

A legendary library
Edge Duo is able to call on an extensive and ever-expanding collection of classic mic
emulations, with 11 legendary microphone models already available and 7 more soon to
be released. All have been meticulously measured from carefully selected original
examples in one of the most respected facilities in Germany. Find the full list of Edge Duo
emulations below.

Unique design
Housed in a specially designed low-resonance body with a sleek matte black finish, Edge
Duo features a 6-micron gold-sputtered dual-membrane capsule. It provides an incredibly
smooth, rich and organic response that the powerful Antelope Audio modeling engine can
shape into the true sound of some of the most expensive and sought-after microphones in
the history of audio recording.

Multi-dimensional mic modeling
Edge Duo’s dual-membrane capsule design feeds two separate XLR output channels via
the included Y-cable. The signal from each membrane is then individually processed and
recombined, delivering the most precise mic modeling on the market. This approach not
only means that users can vary the polar pattern from within the plug-in, even after
recording. It also allows the Edge Duo to accurately emulate the characteristic on- and off-
axis response of each mic for true multi-dimensional mic modeling.

High compatibility
The Edge emulations are designed to work hand-in-hand with Antelope’s own precision
mic preamps and converters. For maximum accuracy, Edge Duo can be used with any of
Antelope Audio’s mic preamp-equipped interfaces, whose built-in FPGA processing
capabilities allow real-time vintage mic emulation.
However, Edge Duo also includes Antelope’s native mic emulation plug-ins, meaning you
can use any third-party audio interface and even change modeling settings after recording.
Available in VST, AU and AAX formats for both macOS and Windows, Antelope’s native
AFX plug-ins* provide everything we’ve come to expect from their industry-leading FPGA
FX, with minimal latency, a high degree of oversampling and precise floating-point

*iLok 2 or 3 required. Not included in the pack.

About the new Edge Family
Building on the success of the acclaimed Edge modeling mic, the new Edge Family from
Antelope Audio features three new large-diaphragm condenser mics – the fixed cardioid
Edge Solo, the multi-pattern Edge Duo and the dual-capsule, four-output Edge Quadro,
capable of 360° stereo recording.

Together with Antelope’s constantly expanding range of FPGA and native AFX mic
emulation plug-ins, the Edge Family makes Antelope’s unrivalled mic modeling technology
available to an even wider range of users and recording applications.

Key features:
– Powerful mic modeling engine
– Duosonic / Stereosonic microphone
– Output split into two independent audio channels for maximum control
– Large double-membrane condenser capsule
– Switchable polar patterns: cardioid, figure-8, omnidirectional and anything in between
– Ultra-low resonance headbasket and body construction
– Extensive library of vintage mic emulations
– Shock mount with pop filter and special oxygen-free copper Y-cable included

Mic emulations:
Berlin 47 FT
Berlin 49T
Berlin 57
Berlin 87
Berlin 67
Berlin M103
Vienna 12
Vienna 414
Tokyo 800T
Oxford 4038
Sacramento 121R
Berlin K86 (coming soon)
Berlin 47 TU (coming soon)
Berlin V563 (coming soon)
Berlin/Halske M25 (coming soon)
Berlin M251 (coming soon)
Minnesota 20 (coming soon)
Illinois 7B (coming soon)

Microphone type: Stereo condenser microphone
Diaphragm: Large condenser – double-sided 6u gold-sputtered membranes
Diaphragm diameter: 34mm
Polar pattern: Multi-pattern (cardioid, figure-8, omnidirectional)
Frequency response: 20HZ ~ 20kHZ
Sensitivity: -35dB | 18mV/Pa (-1 to +3dB)
THD+N: -116dB
Self-noise: 19dB(A)
SNR: 75dB(A)
Output impedance: 50 Ohms @ 1kHz
Power requirements: 48V DC phantom power
Output connector: 5-pin male XLR
Color: Black matte
Weight (mic body): 1.23 lbs (560 grams)
Dimensions (mic body): 8.6″ x 2.1″ (219mm x 53mm)

Package contents
Breakout cable: 16.4′ (5 meters) 5-pin female XLR to dual 3-pin male XLR (high grade
OFC Y-cable)
Mount: Shock absorber type
Case: Standard mid-size road case with handle and custom-fit foam inserts

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