Presonus StudioLive AR8c Hybrid Digital/Analog Production Mixer w/ USB Recording

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Don’t let the classic analog mixer design fool you—the StudioLive® ARc-series mixers were built to record. With a pristine analog front-end, high-gain XMAX mic preamps, and a 24-bit, 96 kHz, USB-C compatible USB 2.0 audio interface, its hybrid design makes it simple to record studio productions and mix live shows from a single intuitive console. Add in a musical 3-band analog EQ, mic/line boost for low-level vintage synths and broadcast microphones, all-new digital effects with rich reverbs and lush delays, Bluetooth® connectivity, and a stereo SD recorder… and you have a mixing and recording powerhouse that fulfills the needs of both modern musicians and content creators.

Packed with all the connections and controls needed to mix

and record in the studio and on the stage, the StudioLive ARc- series mixers are the ultimate recording solution. Each channel includes a musical three-band EQ, plus one of PreSonus’ famed XMAX high-gain mic preamps. Dedicated monitor mixes with balanced outputs provide your musicians the custom mix they need. The USB-C compatible connector ensures your StudioLive ARc-series audio interface will be the center of your studio for years to come. And with high-resolution 96 kHz recording, a full complement of connections, and an instantly familiar workflow, the StudioLive ARc-series mixers are the perfect recording and mixing solution for the modern musician and content creator.

Built to record • Excellent live sound mixer • Designed for modern musicians, audio engineers, and content creators • High-gain PreSonus XMAX mic preamps • 24-bit, 96 kHz USB-C-compatible audio interface • Hybrid design makes it simple to record studio productions and mix live shows • Musical 3-band analog EQ, mic/line boost for low- level input sources, and onboard digital effects • Stream wirelessly to the Super Channel with Bluetooth 5.0 technology • Integrated stereo SD digital recorder • Three models: 18-channel StudioLive AR16c, 14-channel AR12c, and 8-channel AR8c • Record every input plus the main mix with the integrated 24-bit, 96 kHz USB-C-compatible USB 2.0 digital audio interface • Play back up to four streams to monitor recorded tracks and play effects, click, etc. • XMAX mic preamps provide enough gain to capture even the most subtle details, without adding noise • Analog mixer front-end makes connecting gear to a computer intuitive • Creating monitor mixes is quick and easy • Tightly integrated with included PreSonus’ Capture live-recording software and award- winning Studio One Artist DAW • Makes it easy to record podcasts, live stream performances, and record EPs


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