Quilter Overdrive 200 Watt Guitar Amp Head

by EatMyBeats


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Inspired by legendary and almost unobtainable amps, the OVERDRIVE 200 brings several iconic overdrive sounds within reach of the average musician. The incredible 200 watt Quilter Tone Block powerplant is combined with a traditional “tone stack” EQ section to form a classic Clean channel. A three-way Drive channel provides several explosive distortion tones which can be dialed from “mild to wild”, plus further adjustments using the Clean channel EQ. BlockDock compatible, uses British type dual footswitch. The clean channel uses the classic “tone stack” EQ circuit that has propagated down though almost every tube amp from the 60’s onwards. An active Mid provides stronger response than the usual passive mid control. The Crunch overdrive is a chiming “surfy” California “clean overdrive”, and the Lead overdrive applies more gain with post-overdrive EQ adjustment. If you are looking for that classic Dumble style tone but don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, this amp is for you.

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